From the Heart


My writings have been up and down lately. One day I write a cute poem, yet the other day I write a beautiful song lyric that touches the heart of those who listen. I try to make them sincere and loving; tug your heart. But are any writings from your heart?

Is it just because you have a writing project to accomplish? Maybe you’re stuck in your first novel in hopes to get published and don’t have the heart to finish. That is me. Yes, it is. I haven’t even put enough of my heart into it. Maybe I lost hope. But I try to let go of this negativity and conquer on.

But what does that mean for us as writers? Can’t we just do it just because we have the ability to do so? It’s not that easy. It’s painstakingly annoying for me to put my heart on paper especially when I’m sharing my emotions and feelings to the public eye. But yes, it may be embarrassing but our hearts need to be poured out on paper for us to understand the human being in general. You don’t want a robot who has no feelings. You want that heart of gold so that people can relate; feel what you feel.

I’m having trouble but it’s because I’m only human. I do make mistakes but I feel my best when I pour my heart out in my journal writings. Then to put it in my writings makes it harder because I know strangers will be reading. But isn’t that the whole point as a writer to open up to any reader and have them feel what you felt when you wrote these stories?

Writing may not be easy to some but it’s a great outlet to show the real you. I’m doing it right now as I speak. This is how I feel from the heart. Can you do it?

I write of past experiences that hurt me in all my writings. I write of unrequited love, secret crushes, and loss of a loved one. These are just some ways to have your writing come from the heart.

Love what you do and however you do it, make us feel. I want to feel it from the bottom of your heart. I know I will when I finish my stories.


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Bringing Back the Memories

Not too long ago, I rummaged a little from my box of memories. They were full of mementos, old middle school yearbooks, personal journals since I was at a young age of 8 and writings scribbled on binder paper and typing paper.

It was a brief moment that I realized how much I’ve changed. In life, love and lessons learned, I saw myself as a better person. But these memories, which I kept in an under bed white storage container, were just a reminder of what I was as a child. I was naïve, puberty hit me hard and I was lonely. But in a way, I wasn’t. I had my love of journal writings to help me. I rummaged through them since I was in third grade until I graduated high school. It brought back memories that I refused to remember. But now that I’m older, I don’t mind remembering them now.

What was interesting was that I saw a pattern. A pattern with my writing, my plots in stories, my poetry and photos. They all sounded like me; my main characters in my stories personified me. So then, I should really bring back the memories. They hit the core of my heart and I wrote what I felt the most: the angst of peer pressure, childhood crushes, falling for immature boys, and the feeling of sadness and happiness. All of these emotions embodied a piece of writing I had done and it’s amazing to know how much I evolved.

These nostalgic feelings I’ve had are something that have been in my mind ever since I can remember. So I need to hold on to these memories. These memories make up a realistic person we all know. We all have our trials and tribulations for we are not perfect. Problems may linger or go but now that I think of it, these memories are there for us to live and learn.

Maybe in each writing I will continue to focus on this, so that you, my reader, and everybody else can relate and find out what to do in the end. Then we will leave with that great feeling of sentimentality and a good memory of what used to be when we were young. Not all memories will be good but I know we need to find ourselves and with our hidden talents (whatever they may be), we can open up and feel better.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Last night before I decided to get some sleep, I checked my email one last time and found a notification regarding one of my old blogs. Someone that I used to know a long time ago was replying to a blog. It was refreshing and encouraging to know that people are still reading my blogs. 

Then I noticed something else. Yesterday was my 7th anniversary of me being a registered user for WordPress. It was a sign but I felt it was a reminder for me. I still had a somewhat active writing blog with curious readers. Apparently, inquiring minds still want to know. They must want to know what is going on.

So I thank you for that one reader (Cole) who left a message to help me go back and keep this blog going. It was nice to know I have people out there who are truly interested in what I write about.

But lately, I have been more musically inclined. I just had written a song lyric I posted on my Facebook account and in return one of my old friends from school made my day by saying she is a fan of my work whether it’s my novel in progress, my poetry, my singing or my song lyric writing. She even brought out to me that she looks forward in buying my book in the near future. People who enjoy a good read or anyone who is creatively inclined are the ones who make me want to not stop writing. Those included are my friends and family. 

Things have happened to me for a while so I am sorry for not keeping up with my writing blog. But now a new year is still going on. So I will try my best to continue with my writing efforts and share them with you.

Thank you all to my readers! You are all wonderful and encouraging to me!

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Unblock that Writer’s Block (NaNoWriMo Style!)

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareSo, I’m officially a participant for NaNoWriMo this November. I have heard of it for a few years and given the fact I was at a block at my novel I thought I’d try making it a goal to finish it by taking the challenge.

Going to the website and signing up wasn’t hard. I knew I’d have to work on my novel and get going so I wouldn’t have an excuse to not do it. I was at a writer’s bock again and I am slowly getting out of it. The middle of a story is the hardest part for me and it’s a slow process. But I know I can get it done.

As a participant, I was able to make a book cover for my story and it looked great. Here’s the cover I made. It’s basically a faded picture of me pretending to think as I posed for the camera. I wanted the look of a woman thinking and who wouldn’t be better but me!

Something Better (2)

I posted this as my front cover for the current novel I’m working on and looking at it, has made me want to write more in my story. This was part of my motivation to continue to write this story. Key thing is I know what to write now. So far I have made almost twenty thousand words and it’s getting good. Even though I was late in signing up, I knew this was a good incentive to keep me writing. I’m still working on Chapter 5 but it’s still a work in progress. As I write this blog now, I am finally out of my rut. So, if you ask me, doing a challenge  may help you get out of your writer’s block. It doesn’t have to be the NaNoWriMo challenge, find some kind of challenge and then you can finish your writing. I am sure I will.

(Thanks to for having plenty of ideas for my book cover. They’re awesome!)

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Dear Diary…

diaryimageforblog                                               Shakespeare once said, “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” I believe that is true in a sense for journal writing. As I write this article, I realize that journals are like our eyes. In a manner of sense, the journals that we write are the windows to our lives. We may have called them diaries when we were young but no matter how you called them, they were our own personal “recordings” by hand about what happened to us, what we felt at that moment or what we thought about everything around us.

We write these because it makes us feel better. I felt better when I wrote in my diary when I was a kid. I was a mere 8 year old chubby little girl writing about a crush I had with this new boy named Shaun and how he gave me a valentine heart candy that said, “You’re Foxy!” I also wrote about my friends and how I was just trying to have everyone like me despite the fact I was probably the biggest girl in that class. I had a few kids pick on me when I couldn’t run fast so I’d write how they can just be mean and then I try to move on. I know kids don’t know any better now but it was hard for me back then as I wrote in my diary, which was furnished with a lock and a key. I had almost thought of throwing my diary away into a large trash can and put a lit matchstick to burn it. But I didn’t. Maybe because I have always wanted to read what I was like when I was young.

However, as of this moment, I have had over four journals of my life and I have not regretted writing in them. Each time I read them, I think of why I decided to write in general and how I have come to love writing. The first time in my life when I knew I wanted to write was in 7th grade when I had Ms. Sassin, my English substitute teacher. She was the first person (albeit my mother encouraged me as well but she was my mother) who really encouraged me to write and to pursue it. I was regularly writing in my diary back then. I had at that time a floral journal with lines and I wrote in it almost every day about my pre-teen years. I wrote about boys, friends, family and life in general so I didn’t have to confront my emotions out on others. I felt like writing in my journal was a release for me. It has always been a release though.

About a week ago, I stumbled upon one of my old journals when I was working at a previous job. I had some time on my hands so I decided to start writing in a spiral notebook that I had brought to make notes. Day by day, I wrote about what was happening to me and I thought about how my new job was, what it entailed and what irked me at work. At the beginning, I noticed I was so happy getting this job and having a new life. I made a few decisions on my own before I decided to get this job that made me reconsider who I am now.

Now I know that journal writing is very important to me. I have started writing in my journal again and it makes me better. I can think better about how I want to express how I feel in words and figure out what emotions I want in my stories and novels. I make my characters more alive by helping my readers feel what they felt. I read what I felt when I was young. I can do the same thing now but as a writer to my readers.

Furthermore, I have come to a conclusion that journals are the like windows to our lives. They are what makes us today. We learn from them and help us realize we are just human. But to me, it’s more than that. I write about my dreams, loves, first crushes, what makes me mad or sad. All of these make me realize I can put something better on paper and not just a journal or a diary.

Journals are what make me what I am today. I write better and feel more focused. So yes, I can finally say that I am a writer.

Don’t stop writing.” Many of those who believe in me and my writing tell me this all the time and so I won’t.

Journal writing is just another step for writers like me to keep on writing, especially when we have writer’s block. Just do it and you’ll see how it can help you in the long run.

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My Poetic Side

lilyflowerToday I started to write freestyle in a notebook again and had an impromptu writing project for my co-worker and friend. I was in a poetic kind of mood today so I wrote her a cute poem for her and her baby. I am now going to share this poem to the world and I hope you all like it! I would love to know what you think!



An exquisite beauty is surrounding you

It’s a beautiful glow

That emanates of warmth and love

A precious flower is blooming inside you

It’s like heaven sent her from above.


A cherished moment

You will always remember

When she comes into this world,

She will see you as a loving mother

For many Decembers.


Take in this exciting time

And you will see

How this precious little flower

Will grow up and bloom in front of you

As part of your family.


Love her with all your

Might and soul!

Take in this moment of time you have with her

When she’s a baby

And never let her go.


Written by Joselynn Galera

For Monica Marie Garza and baby

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short! (Happy Fifth Anniversary to me!)


To all my readers: I want to say thank you for reading my posts. As of today, it has been a long five years since I started being on WordPress. I want to thank my mother who is no longer here.  She was one of the first people who encouraged me to pursue my writings. She has always been in my thoughts and my inspiration. Without her, I don’t think I would be writing right now.

Despite the fact I consider myself as being optimistic, I feel that making a name for myself isn’t going to be enough to get through the writing world. So, I have ventured on different ways to use my writing. Recently, I have been brainstorming on ideas for two local businesses in my area who need help in marketing and advertising. Using my writing skills, I was able to figure out some great ideas for their business to flourish. One is a non-profit organization I occasionally volunteer my time on my days off and the other is a restaurant/venue that could help liven up our city.

So, I am thinking of making a new blog or possibly a newsletter regarding my local community. I want to show that my town is not just for people to sleep and go to work over the hill. We need more help there and I feel maybe with my ideas I can help them. My marketing skills are only entry-level but I think if I don’t sell myself short, I can get this done.

I look at my notes and realize though I have to keep at it. I need to think out of the box. This is a great idea for those who have no idea what to write about when you want to make a story. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Don’t look in one place. If you think about it, we need to write wherever we go. But to do this, we need to look what’s out there.

Do you need to help a friend with a cover letter? How about writing a possible character’s background for your story? I have done these and the wheels in my head keep on turning. Then as I keep doing these I write down something that may be good for a future story or for the story I’m currently writing. With these in mind, I am going to you. This is for you: my audience, my fellow bloggers, writers and future writers. Market yourself. Show off your writing abilities in different ways. It doesn’t have to be big. Like a lot of my friends and even customers at my work say, don’t stop writing.

Don’t hold back. Anything is possible. I am doing something about it. Are you?


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